Court of Honor Program

John Erskine manages the COH committee for NESA Pittsburgh. If contacted, please contact me and I will arrange for you to receive books pins and cards. I may also contact you to help with other eagle presentations. 

The cards are instructions for joining NESA the pins for civilian clothing and allows other eagles to self -identify as an eagle. The book is a story of eagles across this great land and is a reminder to the new eagle of what he has accomplished.

Remember you are a guest. They may have a place or you on the agenda. If they ask, you might want to be closer to the end than the beginning. Often other award presenters a present to give the new eagle some recognition i.e. VFW Rotary BPOE. If you wish you may request the certificate from Joe Salvucci’s office. I prefer to encourage them to join and the cert will be sent when they do. 

Please take enough pins and cards to give to other eagles present. There are always a couple in the audience.


Click here to download a sample script