The NESA motto is “Eagles Seeking Eagles”.  Many NESA members help other Eagles with career guidance through the Career Networking Program. 

The NESA Career Network Program is a great way for Eagles of all ages to make new contacts and exchange information.  Eagles with many years of working experience have volunteered to help other Eagles learn about working in more than 30 career fields.

If you are a high school student, you may have questions about what it is like to work in a career field, what subjects are useful to study, what colleges may be considered.  If you are a college student, you may want to know what degrees are in particular demand, what summer internships and jobs may be available, and which organizations could provide useful networking opportunities for future employment. If you are already in the workforce, you may want to make new industry contacts, learn about what continuing education could be useful, or hear about industry groups that could provide new networking opportunities. The advisors welcome questions from Eagles of all ages.

If you would like to contact a career network advisor, please contact with your interest and David will put you in touch with a career network advisor who will answer your questions and give you ideas to think about.  Our advisors are happy to give back and welcome all questions.

Career Network Success story

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