NESA Pittsburgh's Ambassador Program

The ambassador program’s goal is simple, to encourage more adult Eagles to become reengaged with Scouting and to join NESA Pittsburgh.


  • Eagle Scout
  • Member of NESA Pittsburgh
  • Agree to wear an Eagle pin, where appropriate
  • Carry NESA Pittsburgh cards and a pin

Eagle Scouts will see your pin, self-identify as an eagle, ask them to join NESA Pittsburgh to help elevate scouting, when the say they will, put a pin on their lapel and thank them!


  • Increases the membership by allowing Eagles to self-identify
  • Easier to start conversations, common ground
  • Eagle Scouts have a lapel pin as a reminder

Increasing membership is a responsibility of all NESA Pittsburgh members. Become an Ambassador for our cause – like me – “to this I pledge my sacred honor.”

If you need more pins or NESA cards, contact Joe Salvucci by email -