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To contact NESA Pittsburgh you can find individual contact info for our committee members in the tabs below.

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Laurel Highlands Council
Attn: Pittsburgh NESA
1275 Bedford Ave
Pittsburgh, PA  15219

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NESA Pittsburgh Committee

Name Email Address Cell Number Committee 
Mark Christie 412-215-3548 Programming Chair
Michael Curry 704-654-2351 Treasurer
John Erskine 412-551-7377 Eagle Recognition Committee Co-Chair
Frank Glazer 412-304-1982 Eagle Career Day Chair
Ron Herring 412-897-0065 Chairman Emeritus / Awards Committee Chair
William Kofmehl 412-913-6714 Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Committee Chair
Jim Liken 724-882-5055 Member-at-Large
Jonathan Parks 412-445-9711 Member-at-Large
Ted Rogers 412-719-9733 NESA Chairman
Joe Salvucci 412-996-2000 Chairman Emeritus
George (Bud) Smith 412-848-0273 Eagle Career Day Committee
Edward Strauser 330-428-5456 Secretary
Dave Thompson 412-742-1300 Career Network Chair
Erik Tomalis 412-427-9834 Vice Chair/Membership Chair
Jamie Uber 412-951-8361 Eagle Recogition Co-Chair/Awards Nomination Committee Chair
Neil Vidt 412-977-5469 Member-at-Large
Anthony Waters 412-841-2924 Member-at-Large
Joe Barry 724-316-9562 Communications Consultant
Todd McGregor 908-208-6092 CEO of Laurel Highlands Council