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Ron Herring is new Chairman of NESA Pittsburgh

At the NESA pittsburgh Board Meeting on September 13th, Joe Salvucci resigned as the Chairman of NESA Pittsburgh and the Board elected Ron Herring as Joe's successor.  Ron's letter to the membership with his goals for the future of NESA Pittsburgh are available by clicking Read More button

We all know Scouting’s goal is to prepare young people for life, but does it work?
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We all know Scouting’s goal is to prepare young people for life, but does it work?

Scouting was put to the test over the course of three years, when a research team from Tufts University worked with the Boy Scouts of America’s Cradle of Liberty Council to measure the character attributes of both Scouts and non-Scouts — all with a goal of better understanding the character development of youth as it was happening.

NESA Pittsburgh’s Jobs Board is a great place to find Eagles for your company...

Or get hired by a company that values Eagles. If you’re a member of NESA Pittsburgh you can use our Jobs Board to post job availabilities within your company.  It’ll help you find a fellow Eagle Scout who is just right for that position.

NESA Pittsburgh or NESA National?

There is some confusion about the difference between these organizations. They each provide different services to Eagle Scouts.  The objective of NESA is to serve—to serve Eagle Scouts and through them, the entire movement of Scouting

NESA Ambassador program

The ambassador program’s goal is simple, to encourage more adult Eagles to become reengaged with Scouting and to join NESA Pittsburgh.

The NESA Career Network Program

NESA Pittsburgh now has a great way to share your career knowledge with other Eagle Scouts.


The NESA Career Network Program will enable Eagle Scouts to contact other Eagle Scouts to learn more about working in specific careers.  The Program will be available to Eagle Scouts of all ages.  We anticipate questions from high school and college students as well as questions from adult Eagles in the workforce. 

Eagles Hiring Eagles

If you know a great Eagle Scout looking for a job point them to the NESA Pittsburgh page at where they can link to our job board. There they can post their resume and review current openings posted by managers seeking employees who live by the foundations of Scouting. 

An Eagle Court of Honor To Remember!
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An Eagle Court of Honor To Remember!

Eagle Court of Honor Team Being Formed 

Did you have an Eagle Court of Honor that was well planned, exciting, inspiring, caused other scouts to say “I want to become an Eagle to have a ceremony like that?”  Would you like to help other new Eagles and their families have a similar experience?  If so, we need your help!


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