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2nd Annual Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program Roundtable

  • 7 April 2018
  • Author: Joe Barry
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On March 12, 2017, NESA Pittsburgh held the 2nd annual Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program Roundtable Breakfast at the Duqesne Club.  The well attended meeting brought over 30 Senior Leaders of Pittsburgh companies to learn more about the program and share best practices.

Presentations were given by PNC, MSA Safety, and UPMC, updating the audience on their respective experiences and progress. Alan Parks, from the BSA, provided everyone with an update on Family Scouting and the momentum building for inclusion of both Boys and Giris into Scouting.  

Scott Cunningham, Executive Vice President, PNC Wealth Management followed with an important key note presentation, “Inflection Point – The future of work in the Pittsburgh Region”, that highlighted the upcoming skills shortage that is being projected for the Pittsburgh Region and how important programs like CESRP can be to help keep our talent in Pittsburgh.

“The Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program is an excellent tool for organizations to identify proven leaders within their organization and recruit proven leaders into their organization”, said Ron Herring, Vice Chair of NESA and the Chair of CESRP.  “It also aligns incredibly well with the actions that we need to take to prepare ourselves for the future skills shortage in the region.”   The Roundtable Breakfast will be an annual event, with the goal of informing the regions leaders of the benefits of CESRP and providing a continuous improvement opportunity for those organizations that have already implemented their own programs.

If you are interested in getting your company involved, email Ron Herrirg at

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