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Save the date for the 6th Annual Eagle Career Day

Saturday March 6th, 2021 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

  • 6 February 2020
  • Author: Joe Barry
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On March 7th 2020, the 5th annual Eagle Career Day took place at the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.  We were lucky enough to have our event just before the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our primary goal is to inform and educate these young men and women about all the options available, so they can make an intelligent decision about their future. 

We took time to talk to young Eagles and their families regarding the opportunities afforded to them through education, trades, and the military.  The program was well received by all attendees, who enjoyed breakfast, four educational sessions, lunch, and garage parking at no final cost.  The Eagle Career Day included a survey for all attendees to grade the quality of the event on a 5 point basis.  We received glowing reviews with an average of 4.4 for the entire program.  With such a positive response, we have decided to set a tentative date of March 6th 2021 for the 6th annual Eagle Career Day.  We look forward to hosting another successful event next year.

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