Registrations for axe-throwing are closed.


Yes, axe-throwing! It’s huge in Canada. And on May 21st Eagle Scouts, young and old, can take turns throwing axes at a target at LumberjAxes, Pittsburgh’s first axe-throwing venue, located in Millvale. It’s sort of like bowling, but without the rented shoes. And with way more axes.

NESA Pittsburgh is renting out LumberjAxes on Monday the 21st of May from 6 to 8:30 PM. Eagles under age 25 are free (we have to charge you $10 to reserve a spot, but you’ll get it back when you check in). Adult Eagles are $35.

The expert staff at LumberjAxes will teach you some basic technique, as well as some important safety rules. Check out their facility at They are located at 2 Sedgwick St. Pittsburgh, PA 15209 (Entrance & Parking Lot in Rear at Farragut St & Black Alley).  Click here for directions