NESA'S Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program

On September 13th, Joe Salvucci, Chairman NESA Pittsburgh and Ron Herring, Chair of the Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program, made a presentation to the Board of Directors of the Laurel Highlands Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Following are Ron's remarks to the board. The describe the program in great detail due to the fact that MSA, where Ron is a Sr VP has been executing this program with Eagle Scouts for the past decade. Details of what is required to bring this program into your company is contained in the tabs at the bottom of this page. For more information, contact Alex Stavros, at 412-325-7967 or by email


First, I would like to thank the Laurel Highlands Council for providing the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Eagle Scout Association and opportunity to describe the Corporate Eagle Scout program and how it will benefit the council and area businesses and organizations.


My name is Ron Herring.  I am a former member of this Board, but resigned when I took an expat assignment in Europe, and have lived in Germany and Switzerland for almost 6 years.   I am a 1977 Eagle Scout from Troop 86, Marlboro NJ, in the Monmouth Council.


I currently serve as the Sr. Vice President of MSA Safety and President of MSA International, having returned to the area about a year ago.  I am also the proud Father of two Eagle scouts from this council and Troop 17.


Joe and I are here to discuss a program that we believe will benefit Scouting, our new class of Eagle Scouts, Eagle Scouts in the area, the Council, our region and local businesses and organizations.  It is also a program that has had success at my company, so the template that we use can easily be adopted by others.  It also makes use of our time tested and very successful Eagle Awards dinner.  I would fully expect this to increase participation in this already successful program too.


The Goal of the program is simple:  Eagles helping Eagles, by Eagles seeking Eagles.


It is a simple 5 step process:

Step 1 Identify one Eagle Scout volunteer, or a Sr. Executive in your organization, who is actively involved in Scouting, to lead the Eagles seeking Eagles program.


Step 2 Identify Eagle Scouts, or active Scouting participants, within your organization who can help sponsor and mentor new Eagle Scouts.


Step 3 Sponsor a table at the Eagle Scout Awards Dinner, and recruit Eagle Scouts within your company to participate.  This is probably the step that will evolve over time.  I know at MSA, we have transitioned from interested parents, to a majority of our sponsors being Eagle Scouts themselves.  Many of whom we recruited since the beginning of the program.


Step 4 Each participant in the Eagle Dinner, sponsors an Eagle Scout with related Career Interests.  Some work is required here by the sponsors.  We expect them to reach out to the Eagle and introduce themselves and what they do.


Step 5 Following the Eagle Scout Dinner, the company or organization, organizes an Eagle Day at your company.  This typically occurs during the Winter Break, due to college and High School conflicts.  At MSA, this involved about a half day, including lunch.  Each sponsor, and sometimes other participants, would provide a background of what they did for a career and how they prepared themselves for their chosen career.


The benefits to Scouting are obvious I think.  But in my mind, the greatest benefit is that we bring Eagles back into Scouting, perhaps earlier than they would have otherwise.


The benefits to the Sponsoring Company however, are also significant.


First, we identify high potential employees who have shown an early drive for success. We identify employees who have grown up with high ethical standards and values that align well with most corporate Value Programs. And once Eagles have found Eagles, there is no limits to the benefits they can bring to your organization, and to the community.


Our ask is simple: 

Bring the program to your Company or organization.


Identify 8-10 Eagle Scout sponsors or committed volunteers.  I would also encourage them to join NESA.

Sponsor a Table or Tables


Compile the biographies of your sponsors and work with the Council to match them up.


Schedule a date at your company and welcome the Eagles for a career day.


Repeat the next year.


Thank you for your time today.  Joe will now provide you with some of the additional benefits of participation, a hand out from today’s discussion, and for the Eagles in this room, a special invite.  We will also be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program

The Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program will be beneficial to your company by identifying high potential associates through mentoring.  It will help Eagle Scouts by guiding them along a career path and increasing their employment opportunities with companies like yours.

We’re asking companies to sponsor at least 1 table at the Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner this November.  This will allow you to have 5 of your employees, who are Eagle Scouts or are involved in Scouting at the troop level, sponsor 5 newly minted Eagle Scouts whose career interests align with your employees’ backgrounds and career responsibilities.
About a month after the dinner, we’d like your company to host these Eagle Scouts at a Career Day at your facility, so they can continue their dialogue with their sponsors and learn more about the great work being done by your company.

All the information your head of Human Resources will need to make this program a success is included in the Human Resources tab. There is also information the HR head can provide to the Eagle Scout who will lead the program for [Company name].

As a thank you for participating in the Corporate Eagle Scout Program, NESA Pittsburgh will give your company unlimited access to our Eagles Hiring Eagles Jobs Board. The Jobs Board will allow your company to post job opening for older Eagle Scouts as well as reviewing resumes posted by Eagle scouts looking for new employment opportunities.

     The purpose of the Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program (CESRP) is simple:

  • Provide companies like yours with access to Eagle Scouts who can become high value employees in the future. 
  • Offer young Eagle Scouts with invaluable mentoring which can provide them with future employment opportunities, as well college and career advice from the Eagle Scouts currently employed by your company.
  • To show our appreciation for participating in the Corporate Eagle Scout Program, NESA Pittsburgh will give participating companies, unlimited access to our Eagles Hiring Eagles Jobs Board. The Jobs Board will allow you to post job opening for older Eagle Scouts as well as reviewing resumes posted by Eagle Scouts looking for new employment opportunities.

The Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program needs your assistance to complete the following steps::

  1. Identify the Eagle Scouts, or others involved in scouting, employed by your company name and prepare a list of their educational and business backgrounds.
  2. Determine which employee would be best suited to coordinate and lead  your company’s CESRP program.
  3. Introduce the program to the Eagle Scouts you identify and ask them to commit to sponsoring/mentoring an Eagle Scout at the Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner in late November.
  4. Call Alex Stavros to confirm your company’s participation in this program, and tell Alex how many tables of 10 (5 Eagle Scouts and 5 mentors to a table) your company can sponsor at the dinner.
  5. Determine a date in late December when your company can hold an Eagle Career Day at your facility, reuniting the Eagle Scouts with their mentors from the dinner and introducing them to your company with on-site tours, activities and presentations.

    This program has been in place at MSA (Mine Safety Appliances) for 10 years.  Click here to download a pdf with a description of how MSA runs their program to give you a better idea of what is involved.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Alex Stavros at 412-325-7967 or by email Alex will be happy to assist you in any way he can.

    We appreciate your involvement in the Corporate Eagle Scout Program. We believe it will be beneficial to your company, the Eagle Scouts you employ and the Eagle Scouts mentored by your company's employees for many years to come.


    Joe Salvucci                                     Ron Herring
    Chairman NESA Pittsburgh             Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program Chair

On behalf of all of your fellow Eagle Scouts at NESA Pittsburgh, thank you for agreeing to participate in the Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to offer you a free year of membership in NESA Pittsburgh or we’ll extend your membership by a year if you’re already a member.

Your Human Resources department has identified all of the Eagle Scouts employed by your company  That list should be attached.  As a first step, we’d like you and the HR manager to convene a meeting of these Eagles, outline the program and ask them to participate.


The program is pretty simple. First, your company has agreed to sponsor a table or tables at the annual Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner in late November.  We’d like you and the other Eagles to act as a mentor/sponsor for a newly minted Eagle Scout at this dinner. The Boy Scout office in Pittsburgh will match sponsors and scouts, based on current careers and backgrounds of the sponsors and the career interests expressed by the new Eagle Scouts.

The next activity is an Eagle Career Day at your company’s facility, reuniting the Eagle Scouts with their mentors from the dinner and introducing them to your company with on-site tours, activities and presentations. 

MSA has been conducting its own Corporate Eagle Scout program for several years now. A description of their program is included to give you a better idea of what is involved can be downloaded here.


As a fellow Eagle Scout, we know you appreciate the benefits an Eagle Scout can bring to a company like yours. The benefit to young Eagle Scouts of having a mentor who is not only an Eagle but is successful in the career they are interested in pursuing is invaluable. This also gives you an opportunity to give back to scouting. Bottom line, this is really a win-win situation for all concerned. 

Alex Stavros, a Senior District Executive with the Laurel Highlands Council and NESA Pittsburgh member, has agreed to act as a liaison for all the Corporate Eagle Scout leaders like yourself. We invite you to reach out to Alex as soon as possible to introduce yourself and exchange contact information.  His phone number is 412-325-7967. His email address is  Alex will be happy to answer any questions you or your team may have.


Thanks again for agreeing to lead the Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program.


Joe Salvucci                               Ron Herring
Chairman NESA Pittsburgh        Corporate Eagle Scout Recruiting Program Chair

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances) has been running a Corporate Eagle Scout Program for the past 10 years.  Here is an overview of what they have done.


MSA compiles the educational and business background for each of their sponsors and provide that information to Bill Park at Laurel Highlands Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Bill matches each MSA sponsor with an Eagle Scout who is interested in that career area.  Here is an email template that can be used:



Here is the list of this year's 20 MSA attendees for the Eagle Dinner program.  13 of them are Eagle Scouts and 17 of them have engineering degrees.


I will be the initial contact for all the Eagle Scouts.  Please send all the Eagle Scout biographical information to my office, and I will distribute it to the MSA’s participating associates.  Please call me if you have any questions.


MSA determines a date within a month after the Eagle dinner when they can host all the Eagle scouts for a Career Day.  Since the LHC Eagle dinner is usually the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, MSA schedules their Career Day just before Christmas.  Preferably this is in late Dec. after school (both college and high school) is done so that as many Eagle scouts as possible can attend.  The high school students are allowed to miss school to attend educational functions like this, but sometimes you run into issues with finals just before Christmas.


Each MSA Sponsor contacts his Eagle Scout and arranges to meet him during the reception just before the Eagle dinner.  Everyone sits together at MSA’s table(s).  At the dinner, the MSA Sponsors inform the Eagle scouts about the Career Day and during the week after the Eagle dinner, each sponsor contacts his Eagle Scout to personally invite him to the Career Day and confirm whether he can attend.


At MSA, for example, they run the Career Day from 9 am-3 pm.  They have about 10 speakers who each talk for about 20 minutes about what they do for MSA.  They also describe their Scouting background, their educational background, and the path that they followed to get them to where they are today. 


As each sponsor talks about what they do for MSA, it gives them a chance to explain to the Eagle scouts what they do at MSA and tell them about the Company.  MSA choses speakers from all areas of the company and from each major product line regardless of whether they are involved with scouting or not. 


MSA also provides a free lunch for the Eagle scouts and their sponsors.  It is a nice way of saying thank you to their employees for serving as sponsors/mentors.  At the end of the day each Eagle Scout is presented with an actual product from MSA as a thank you gift. 


Here is a template email that could be used:



Thanks to everyone who is helping with the MSA Career Day for the Eagle Scouts this coming Thursday.  The following 13 Eagle Scouts are coming:

(Names of New Eagles Deleted)


Below is the final schedule.  The plan is to have the Eagles arrive at the Ryan Lab around 8:50 am so that we can begin promptly at 9am.  We will have presentations from 9-11:30am in the Cranberry Woods Conf. Room, followed by a tour of the Ryan Lab.  Around 12:15pm we will walk down to the MSA Corp. Center to have lunch.  We will put our coats in Conf. Rm E171 (the conference room across the hall from the CB plant HR offices, near the cafeteria; we have it from noon-3pm). 


Before lunch, we will view the exhibits/history in the main hallway.  At 1:30pm we will convene in E171 to have a couple of presentations and then head out back to the flame building for a hands on demonstration by Kelly Rollick.  We will then do a quick tour of the CB plant (circuit board mfg.) before we walk back to the Ryan Lab and wrap things up by 3pm.  Everyone is invited to join the Eagle Scouts for lunch in the Cafe in the Woods, courtesy of the MSA Law Dept.  You are welcome to stay for as little or as much of the day as you want.


Please contact me if you have any questions, otherwise I will see you on Thursday.

          9:00-   9:20                   (Intro)

          9:20-   9:40                   Speaker 2

          9:40- 10:00                   Speaker 3

        10:00- 10:20                   Speaker 4   

        10:20- 10:30                   Break  

        10:30- 10:50                   Speaker 5

        10:50- 11:10                   Speaker 6

        11:10- 11:30                   Speaker 7 

        11:30- 12:15                   Tour of Ryan Lab (John G.)

        12:15- 12:30                   Walk to MSA Corp Center

        12:30- 12:45                   See MSA History exhibits in hallway

        12:45-   1:30                   Lunch at Cafe in the Woods

          1:30-    1 50                  Speaker 8

          1:50-    2:10                  Speaker 9

          2:10-    2:30                  Speaker 10

          2:30-    2:45                  Brief Tour of CB plant and Corp HQ

          2:45-    2:55                  Walk back to the Ryan Lab

          2:55-    3:00                  Wrap-up


Click here to download this information.







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